Linda Ikeji’s blog has evolved to one of the most visited blog sites in Africa today. Check out her very first post:
She also had this to say:
“I just realized now that the Linda Ikeji Blog turned 10 yesterday November 26th. My first blog post after I created the blog was on Sunday November 26th, 2006…and above is the first thing I wrote. I’ve gone on to write almost 90,000 posts since then. If anyone had told me while writing the stuff above that it would be the beginning of something great, something that would change my life so significantly I wouldn’t have believed it. Biggest thanks to God and the guardian angel that pushed me to open the blog and of course Bella Naija for inspiring me. I remember how much I was struggling back then, but God used this space and all you guys who have been with me from day one to change my story. Can’t thank you all enough. Happy anniversary to LIB! Many more years to come!

N.B: It took 5, 10 & 11 months to get first, second and third comments respectively on my first post. Sometimes it starts slow but when God is by your side, there’s no stopping you! #BeInspired!”


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