dangote-workerIstifanus Bello Gurama, a senior strategist with Dangote Industries Limited, who was reportedly kidnapped three weeks ago, has been murdered, PUNCH reports.

Sources said that Gurama, who was kidnapped about three weeks ago, was found lifeless in a gutter.

Gurama was in charge of negotiations and handing ransoms to kidnappers whenever any of the expatriates in Dangote Industries was kidnapped.

He was said to have gone to negotiate and pay the ransom for the release of one of the kidnapped expatriates when the kidnappers detained him, saying he was the one they were after.

A close friend who refused to be named said Gurama showed him some of the videos of his negotiations with kidnappers.

“Gurama was a lovely person, if he is not in the house one day, the children will be asking after him endlessly. Now, I do not know what to tell the children because he is always chatting with them on social media and phone and for three weeks since his disappearance, they have been wondering where he was because all his activities on social media ceased and the children have observed that it is quite unlike him,” Amina, Gurama’s wife said to PUNCH.

The family learnt of Gurama’s passing on Monday.


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