Governor Udom escapes death by his whiskers as church building collapses in Akwa Ibom

In what would have been a major headlining tragedy, Gov. Emmanuel Udom escaped possible death by not arriving on time at a church programme he was suppose to attend in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State.

According to a witness, The Reigners Bible Church, located along Uyo Village Road, was filled to capacity because its pastor, Akan Week, was being consecrated as a Bishop, when the tragedy occurred.


The witness according to Premium Times said the Church was being renovated and upgraded because of the expected high number of guests on Saturday. “Many people are buried under the debris as emergency workers continue rescue exercise,” he said.

Governor Udom Emmanuel was expected to attend the occasion, but, sources said he was not at the church when it collapsed. “The governor has gone to the scene and is presently there helping with the rescue,” a witness said.

Sources said many victims have been taken to various hospitals and mortuaries in the town. Some senior government officials are suspected to be among the victims.

18 people have been reported dead and 50 severely injured.


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