Nigerian man charged with role in cyber scam in the U.S

A Nigerian man; David Chukwuneke Adindu, 29, has pleaded not guilty in a Manhattan federal court on Wednesday, December 14.

EFCC boss Ibrahim Magu and his team have been trying to stem the tide of cyber crimes in Nigeria

 Adindu is facing charges which includes wire fraud and several scam emails directing employees to make large wire transfers, Reuters reports.

Adindu was arrested three weeks ago by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) at a Houston airport and his attorney has not be identified.

 His case is the latest example of a growing type of cyber scam called “business email compromise,” in which fraudsters target businesses that work with foreign suppliers or regularly perform wire transfers.

U.S. and foreign victims have reported 22,143 complaints involving business email compromise scams in which criminals sent requests for almost $3.1 billion in transfers since October 2013.

According to the indictment, Adindu, during the period resided in both Guangzhou, China and Lagos, Nigeria, and worked with others to carry out the scams from 2014 to 2016.

Adindu and others exchanged information regarding scripts for requesting wire transfers and lists of names and email addresses for contacting and impersonating potential victims.

Among those who fell victim to the scam were a New York based investment firm, where an employee received an email claiming in June 2015 to be from an investment adviser at another firm asking for a $25,200 wire transfer.

The employee later learned the email was not actually sent by that adviser, and as a result did not comply with a second wire transfer request for $75,100.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian communications Commission (NCC) has warned Nigerians that the cyberspace is not an venue to promote hatred as there are laws guiding against such.


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