Beyoncé ranks at No. 7 on the BBC’s 2016 Woman’s Hour Power List

BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) announces most powerful women of the last 70 years!

Beyoncé ranks at No. 7 on the BBC’s 2016 Woman’s Hour Power List

“The 7 women who’ve changed women’s lives: “What do Margaret Thatcher, Beyoncé and Bridget Jones have in common? They’re all on the 2016 Woman’s Hour Power List. This year we’re celebrating the seven women who’ve had the most impact on British women’s lives over the past seven decades, since Woman’s Hour first came on air back in 1946.”

“Beyoncé: The global superstar
Yes, she’s sold over 200 million records but Beyoncé’s influence on women’s lives reaches much further than the music they listen to and knowing the dance to Single Ladies. “Beyoncé has an impact on British women in a way that is very, very deep,” says Emma Barnett. “In how people look, dance, dress, how people think of themselves and how people represent themselves online.” But the judges’ main reason for awarding the singer a spot on the 2016 Power List is for helping to kick-start some big conversations. “She is a political activist with her music. She’s politically advocating for feminism within her music, for black women’s rights within her music,” says Abi Morgan. “She’s walking the walk.” Ayesha Hazarika says: “I think Beyoncé managed to do two things. She turned herself into a very successful commercial brand but with that she also put out quite a positive feminist message, right from the start. Particularly now she’s moving into race relations talking about black lives matter. And also from a beauty point of view, being a black woman who is held up as a global beauty icon at a time when beauty and pop culture is still very white.” 👑🐝


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