President Buhari endorses the appointment of Amina Mohammed as UN deputy secretary general


The adorable minister of environment in her office


Pres. Buhari has endorsed the appointment of one of his cabinet members, Minister of Environment Amina Mohammed, as the new United Nations Deputy Secretary-General. In a statement released via social media, President Buhari said her appointment is a great honor to Nigeria.

“I wholeheartedly endorse the choice of Mrs Amina Mohammed as the next Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations. It is a great honour to Nigeria. The incoming Secretary-General António Guterres called this evening to inform me of the decision. I’m grateful to Mrs Mohammed for her service to Nigeria, and have no doubt that in her new assignment she will continue to make us proud” – the statement read..

Meanwhile in reaction, the new UN deputy secretary general had this to say

“Humbled to serve humanity with Antonio Guterres. An amazing journey awaits us serving MS’s to deliver on the ambitions set in 2015 by the UN”

“Committed to serving PMB to achieve his vision for Nigeria albeit now in a different vehicle. Grateful for the privilege of serving Nigeria”

“Words cant express enough my appreciation for all the kindness & support received, during the time I have had the honor of serving my Country”


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