This school just built it’s own Olympic size stadium by itself!

The Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro, is set to commission it’s own Olympic size stadium.

The Delta State Polytechnic built it’s own Olympic size, 14000-seater Stadium, that is probably as good as most of what you’ll find anywhere in the country.

That’s not the best part. This stadium was built with the school’s internally generated revenue. This project was executed under the leadership of the Polytechnic’s Rector, Dr. Jacob S. Oboreh.

playThe Rector, Dr. Jacob. S. Oboreh, Delta State Polytechnic. (Isoko Mirror)

How awesome is this stadium?

There’s a standard football pitch. The flood lights are perfect for night events. There are eight lane tracks for track sports. There’s a commentary box, fully sealed roofing. And no matter how bad your bladder problem is, there are 139 toilets and 52 urinaries all around the stadium.

There are 15 furnished dressing rooms with showers and a V.I.P lodge. And the car park? Massive.

What do the students stand to gain?

Besides the fact that the students get to benefit from the sport facilities for sporting activities and other social events, they get an advantage for a factor that plagues Nigerian students; practical experience.

Most of the execution of the project is reported to have been executed by Engineers in the school.

Can we talk about the extraordinary Rector, Dr. Jacob S. Oboreh?

Since assumption of office on March 28, 2012, Dr. Jacob Snipps Oboreh set out on a crusade to revamp the school infrastructurally.

He set up a task force headed by the Corel engineer of the Department of Works. Actively involved were the Building Technology and Civil Engineering departments.

Other infrastructure projects executed include fire stations, lecture theatres, roads, and a bunch of others. The real tragedy is that his tenure as Rector ends in 2017.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if educational institutions all over the country had this type of visionary leadership?


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