Reno Omokri attacks Father Mbaka, Pastor Bakare over Kaduna killings

Reno Omokri, a former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, has warned Nigerians against taking to heart the many prophecies of various clerics for the New Year 2017.

Omokri attacks Mbaka, Bakare over Kaduna

Reno Omokri says it is not right that Father Mbaka and Pastor Bakare are silent over Kaduna killings.

Only foolish people place any store on the 2017 prophecies of prophets whose 2016 prophecies did not come to pass.

In the face of unprecedented killings of Christians in Kaduna, why the silence from the usually talkative Osinbajo, Mbaka and Tunde Bakare?

Omokri wondered why the trio, who are always quick to defend the government, are not saying anything about the murders purportedly being carried out by Fulani herdsmen in the southern Kaduna region.

The prophecies, which were contained in a statement signed by his advisor on public communications, Phrank Shaibu warned the federal government not relax yet on Book Haram. “It’s a deception,” he said.


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