10 Things Women Hate About Men

It is a well-known concept that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. While men hate some things about women, for a woman, a list of what she hates in a man, is going to be endless. Here are 10 things women hate about the men in their lives.

10. The wandering eye

While every woman loves the fact that her man appreciates her body, you’re going to have to look into her eyes when you talk. The last impression you want to create is that of a creep. Being a little gentlemanly never hurt anyone. Also, keep those eyes off other women, unless you want to take Angry Birds a little too literally.

9. Her friends, your friends. Only friends though!

Women like to test their men by observing how they socialize with their girl-friends. It’s a tough balancing act, trust me. On the one hand you have to appear friendly, charming and likeable to her friends. At the same time, pay a little extra attention than needed, and you’ll be accused of being a flirt. Tread carefully.

8. Listen, listen, listen!

Woes befall you if you let your mind wander away during a conversation and missed out on what she was saying. We men are often accused of having short attention spans and not paying heed when a woman speaks. Classic case in point is the verbal grocery shopping list. Make it a habit, forcefully if needed, to listen to every bit of her incessant yapping. At least pretend for heaven’s sake.

7. Arguments

This is something you want to avoid at all costs. All of us know who wins anyhow. Do not turn every conversation or discussion into an argument. Be patient and understanding. This brings to my next point…

6. Grooming

While we have come a long way from the days of the cave man to being today’s sophisticated creatures, some men take it upon themselves to remind the world of the early man and his habits. Inadequate grooming, wearing clothes which look centuries old, unkempt hair, etc are not going to win you any brownie points with the fairer sex. They like their men well-mannered and presentable.

5. Predictable vs. Spontaneous

It doesn’t need a rocket scientist or a love guru to tell you which category of men is preferred by women out of the two. Let’s face it; things do get boring after a while. Be a little creative and innovative. Do something out of the blue, and make sure you tell her that she is the only reason you went to the extent of doing something new and put in that extra effort to make it special.

4. Just not romantic enough

Women like to portray that tough, not-a-helpless-girl attitude – but at heart, they’re always going to be hopelessly romantic. There’s nothing that a woman would possibly want more than a male partner who connects with her emotionally, and manages to catch her off guard with those little romantic advances. If you’re that guy who thinks romance is an alien concept, you’re going to have a tough time with the women.

3. Language

While the ‘swearing-woman’ is no longer a myth, she is definitely not going to approve if every fourth or fifth word you speak is an expletive. There are some men who just cannot express themselves without having to resort to swearing. A word here and there is okay when you’re upset; just don’t make it the norm if you want to be in the woman’s good books.

2. Over-dominance

It is absolutely noble to want to protect your woman and make her feel safe. It is pretty much every man’s duty. However, your woman is definitely not going to like it if you turn from protector to dictator on her. Don’t try to control specific aspects of her life. You might actually end up suffocating her.

1. Feelings

I’ll give top spot to feelings – or rather a man’s apparent inability to express his feelings and talk about them to a woman. Women love yapping away and are known for speaking their minds and making their feelings well known. Mind it; not talking about feelings is very different from having your feelings under control. Issues arise when you cannot see the thin line which separates the two.


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