The top ten things You should experience in life?

1.Stage fright

It makes you confident.

2.Adventure Sports They make you feel alive and the make you understand the importance of each and every breath.

3.Solitude To awaken your inner self.

4.Life in Hostels (college, universities) Gives you the sense of being ordinary and crazy at the same time.

5.Live with a dog. They will make you realize what unconditional love is.

6.Experience the beauty of Nature 

No picture is as beautiful as nature images when we appreciate them.

7.Listen to stories of war survivors It makes them happy and proud of themselves.

8.Take your parents out for a fancy dinner on your own money. Gives you the feeling of contentment.

9.Fall in love as much as you can, all the pain is worth it.

10.Try to bring a smile on the face of a child. You’ll love the feeling. These are some things I feel a person should experience in their life time. They might not be the top ten, but they are as important as anything else.Cheers!!!

Of course always listen to good music. Always!!!


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